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x-Erica arborea f.aureafolia ‘Alberts Gold’

Erica arborea f.aureafolia 
'Alberts Gold' Available to buy now

Erica 'Alberts Gold' is a giant amongst heathers! Reaching up to 2m in height - much loved by heather and non-heather lovers alike!

It has a tidy upright almost fastigiate habit, thriving in well drained acid soils in full sun, in fact the small leathery leaves enable this lovely evergreen to thrive in hot exposed locations on thin soils.

The new spring growth is a wonderful eye catching bright yellow, this matures to gold and then to a vibrant intense bright green making this shrub an excellent source of colour and texture during the winter months. If your specimen it is really happy it will reward you with clusters of small fragrant heather like white bell flowers

'Albert's Gold' is very versatile often found in shrub borders, its bright foliage and feather appearance contrast and soften other larger leaved shrubs, deciduous and evergreen. Its ia slo often used as a back of border building block for Mediterranean themed planting schemes, the texture of the foliage and colour work really well with classic southern European species.