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x-Geranium 'Rozanne'

Echinacea purpurea Echinacea purpurea

An outstanding cranesbill, Geranium 'Rozanne' is at its peak in July, with masses of glowing, saucer-shaped, mauve flowers covering these useful, clump-forming plants until at least September. Wide, open flowers fade to a pale pink centre and have distinctive red veins reaching out to the edges, with prominent brown stamens completing the blooms.

There are simply hundreds of hardy geraniums and they are reputed to be the most popular perennials in Britain. 'Rozanne' is certainly one of the finest. A vigorous grower with mounds of lush, green foliage, it provides fast ground cover and its relaxed, slightly loose habit is perfect for filling gaps in mixed plantings, dotted amongst shrubs, grasses and other herbaceous perennials.

An easy, unfussy, long lived plant, it can cope in most soils, except waterlogged and thrives in full sun or partial shade. Work in lots of organic matter before planting if you have heavy soils. Otherwise, plant 'Rozanne' in the spring and water it well to support its quick, strong growth and once established, you will have a large, neat clump that will come back year after year.

It doesn't need feeding, just tidy plants with a late summer chop, cutting back growth by about two thirds with garden shears, and fresh young foliage should be followed by a second flush of flowers. Divide plants every few years to rejuvenate jaded clumps, this is best done in the spring, rather than at the end of a long season spent flowering.

'Rozanne' is a perfect foil to the silver foliage of lavenders, convolvulus and Artemisia, gorgeous planted beneath pastel pink and yellow roses, or simply woven amongst other geraniums and perennials like leucanthemum, as quick, but not invasive, ground cover. It also makes a dramatic specimen in a decorative container when its flowers can spill and cascade over the sides.