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x-Heuchera 'Midnight Rose'

Heuchera 'Midnight Rose' Heuchera 'Midnight Rose'

Heuchera 'Midnight Rose' is another stunning and most unusual foliage plant from the already huge family of decorative heucheras. Dark burgundy foliage is heavily mottled with splashes of hot pink, which get brighter and lighter as the season progresses, until by the autumn they are almost cream.

It also produces fine sprays of tiny white flowers in spring, but who needs flowers when the foliage is this beautiful! And heucheras are semi evergreen, which means the display will continue all year round in all but the coldest winters.

When planting take care not to bury its crown, keeping it just above the surface so it's not susceptible to rot – match the pot soil height with the soil surface, and mulch with well rotted garden compost or manure. It prefers moist soil so keep it well watered and don't let it dry out, but improve drainage in heavy or compacted soils with compost and grit, as 'Midnight Rose' hates sitting with excess water around its roots. It is happiest in mottled shade but, like other darker leaved heucheras, will also tolerate full sun, so do not plant it anywhere too shady where the dark leaves can disappear. Keep plants looking fresh, by tidying away ragged leaves in early spring and again at the end of the summer and invigorate clumps by dividing every two – three years to keep them looking their best.

Its distinct, clumping, low mounding habit makes 'Midnight Rose' ideal for providing ground cover amongst other plants at the front of the border or as an edging plant. It also looks good planted in drifts for a river of foliage colour amongst other perennials, such as geraniums, bergenias and ferns, or try with the contrasting foliage types and colours of the many other heuchera hybrids in acid green to caramel, or their close relations, the tiarellas and heucherellas. It is also striking against the soft, gentle colours of spring bulbs, as well as the bright, jazzy colours of a hot border later in the year.