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x-Leucanthemum Broadway Lights = 'Leumayel' PBR

Echinacea purpurea Echinacea purpurea

This recent introduction is a stunning Shasta daisy with a unique combination of flower colour - the young buds open as a pale lemon yellow, gradually fade to vanilla, until eventually they finally reach a pure, clear white. Each flower develops at different rates so, at its peak, 'Leucanthemum 'Broadway Lights' has flowers in all three colours smothering the plant. And this stunning multicoloured performance lasts well into the autumn.

Plants have a neat compact habit and their dark green, glossy leaves set off the flowers beautifully. The blooms make cheery cut flowers and will keep in a vase for over a week but they are also magnets for butterflies, bees and other beneficial insects like hoverflies, which can all be seen buzzing around these gorgeous flowers throughout the summer, so keep deadheading to encourage further flowering.

'Broadway Lights' thrives in full sun, although it can cope with light shade, but it absolutely must have good drainage. It is not fussy about soil type and any reasonably fertile spot will do, but it does not like sitting in wet soil, particularly in winter when the combination of cold and excess water can kill it. Dig in grit before planting if you are worried about the structure of your soil. The upside to this, is that it is beautifully tough and drought tolerant, making it an easy, low maintenance choice.

Young plants need protection from slugs and snails in the spring and give clumps a boost by dividing every three to four years or they have a tendency to be short lived. Lift whole clumps in the autumn or spring and split them into chunks with either a sharp spade or back-to-back forks and plant. Cut plants down to the ground in autumn.

Shasta daisies self-seed easily and will quickly increase your plant numbers. Either leave these new plants where they are, to bulk out clumps, or lift and distribute elsewhere in the garden. Otherwise, be sure to keep on top of deadheading before flowers go to seed if, for some inexplicable reason, you don't want these gorgeous flowers popping up through your borders. Grow en masse in bold drifts with other herbaceous perennials, such as achilleas, scabious or lychnis, dot amongst grasses or grow with contrasting silver foliage plants such as convolvulus, artemisia and lavender, for a more contemporary look.