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x-Skimmia x confusa 'Kew Green'

Skimmia Kew Green Available to buy now

Skimmias are one of the finest plants for autumn and winter interest and Skimmia x confusa 'Kew Green' has long been a favourite, with its rosettes of pointed, aromatic leaves and distinctive conical flower heads. These are clustered with acid-green buds in autumn and are soon followed by neat, fragrant flowers in the spring.

A small, spreading, evergreen shrub - it is as attractive in bud as it is in bloom.

Most skimmias are dioecious, with male and female flowers on separate plants and 'Kew Green' are male plants, which means that the flowers will not be followed by the distinctive skimmia berries but if planted with female varieties it will ensure they fruit successfully.

For the best display, plant skimmia in full sun or partial shade, in any soil, although a rich, moist, but well drained spot is best - plants may become chlorotic on very poor, dry soil. Add plenty of organic matter to the planting hole to give plants a boost.

Plants need no real pruning, a simple, light trim after flowering will help keep plants in shape - skimmia almost thrive on neglect so are ideal plants for low maintenance gardeners!

They also cope well with pollution making them good plants for city gardens. Perfect for lighting up a shady spot or at the front of a border, grow 'Kew Green' with other winter interest shrubs, such as sarcoccoca and lonicera or with early spring bulbs like winter aconites, snowdrops and early crocus.

They are the perfect ingredient in seasonal containers and make lovely winter pots, planted with cyclamen, by the front door.