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x-Thuja plicanta 'Goldy'

Thuja plicanta 'Goldy'' Available to buy now

Conifers bring structure, texture and colour to the garden, particularly in the quieter months of autumn and winter but unfortunately, species such as leylandii have given them a bad name. Thuja, or the Western Red Cedar, are quite different plants.

Thuja plicata 'Goldy' is a lively, new addition to the family with its jazzy, golden leaves, which like its siblings have a sweet pineapple fragrance when rubbed or crushed. This is an attractive, compact variety with a conical habit that makes a bright specimen plant in a border or planted on its own as a feature plant.

Evergreen and striking it carries the garden through the winter, while the rest of the year it makes an interesting backdrop to a border, or use plants to separate areas of the garden into rooms. Planted in groups it makes good, dense hedging and although it doesn't need pruning - a trim once a year in August will keep it in shape, it responds well to tight clipping and will make a neat, formal hedge. Unlike leylandii, it can also be cut back into old wood.

Thuja likes full sun and moist, well drained soil and is best in a sheltered spot away from drying winds, particularly when young. Soak plants before planting and mix in plenty of organic matter to the planting hole and water plants well until established."Goldy' is also great in containers making a striking central plant with a range of seasonal plantings displayed around it throughout the year.