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x-Viburnum tinus 'Eve Price'

Viburnum tinus 'Eve Price' Available to buy now

A greatly loved evergreen shrub, Viburnum tinus has luxurious, dark green leaves and winter flowers that bloom almost endlessly for up to six months.

'Eve Price' is a neat, dense, compact form with clusters of large, pink buds appearing in late autumn, finally bursting into fragrant, starry, white flowers at the beginning of winter. A reliable performer it has become a classic winter shrub and is a welcome sight on gloomy, winter days. As a final punch, the fading flowers are followed by inky black berries, which are loved by the birds and a valuable food source through a difficult season. A tough shrub, 'Eve Price' is not fussy, happy in sun or shade, sheltered or exposed, windy sites, which makes it the ideal choice for a tricky spot and once established, it is also drought resistant. Fascinatingly, although we value it for what it brings to the winter garden, Viburnum tinus actually hails from the Mediterranean, where it is used to hot summers and very little frosts.

Thanks to its size, 'Eve Price" makes an ideal specimen shrub, happy near the front of borders or in large containers and it also make a great hedging plant, its dense habit responding well to pruning. It can even be shaped and cut into topiary, which looks particularly fetching when in flower, and 'Eve Price' can often be bought, ready trained, into standards, which look lovely flanking a gateway or door. Grow with other shrubs, like choisya or hydrangea or plant with early flowering crocus and narcissus for a charming spring display. Its evergreen foliage is also a good foil to herbaceous plants and it provides strong structure and height to a mixed border until finally, coming into its own in the autumn.