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The hidden heroes of the garden for much of the year, bulbs are quick and easy to plant and grow, needing little more than well drained soil and sunlight to burst into life at their allotted time. Once in the ground they require no attention; as magical little floral time bombs, all that is necessary is a few quiet weeks of slumber before they explode into life with a panoply of enchanting and infinitely varied blooms.

Read our spring bulb guide.

Bulb Categories

  • Daffodil Bulbs

    Daffodil Bulbs

    These sunny spring bulbs will burst into months of glorious colour

  • Tulip Bulbs

    Tulip Bulbs

    For vibrant colour and shape, look no further than our beautiful tulip collection

  • Crocus Bulbs

    Crocus Bulbs

    The dainty blooms offer early spring colour - bringing a much needed lift to your garden

  • Hyacinth Bulbs

    Hyacinth Bulbs

    A favourite of bees and butterflies, these highly scented blooms will bathe your garden in colour

  • Dahlia Bulbs

    Dahlia Bulbs

    Magnificent shapes and colours throughout summer

  • Begonia Bulbs

    Begonia Bulbs

    Long lasting, reliable colour throughout summer and into autumn.

  • Gladioli Bulbs

    Gladioli Bulbs

    Tall and dramatic, Gladioli offer vibrant colour for your summer garden

  • Lily Bulbs

    Lily Bulbs

    Divine scented blooms and bright colours, adding ambience to your summer garden