Wyevale Garden Centres



Grow your own vegetables with our range of high quality seeds, bulbs and plantlets. The vegetables we stock range from popular, easy to grow varieties to the more advanced for those keen for a challenge. Our range of teenage plantlets is perfect for first time kitchen gardeners or for new allotment holders.

Vegetable Categories

  • Grafted Vegetables

    Grafted Vegetables

    Perfect for the first time vegetable gardener. Their disease and pest resistant roots makes for a more vigourous plant and greater yield

  • Tomatoes


    Delicious and packed to the brim with vitamins, tomatoes are easy to grow and extremely versatile

  • Onions & Shallots

    Onions & Shallots

    A staple to any garden, delicious onions can add flavour and texture to any dish.

  • Sweet & Chilli Peppers

    Sweet & Chilli Peppers

    Impress your friends and family by growing your own peppers, perfect for adding to summer salads and Mediterranean delights

  • Courgettes & Marrows

    Courgettes & Marrows

    Fast growing and easy care veg, just a few plants will see your family through to the Autumn

  • Rhubarb


    Perfect for first time vegetable growers, rhubarb's large, pink stems can be turned into a delicious crumble, jam or chutney

  • Other Vegetables

    Other Vegetables

    Add even more variety to your home grown crops, with our selection of other vegetables