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plug plants

Plug plants - the successful gardener's short cut to satisfying, efficient and economical gardening.

What are plug plants?

Plug plants are young plants with well-established, complete and independent root systems. Easily handled, they are not subject to the damaging checks caused by early root disturbance. Grown from carefully selected seed, they are ready to be potted on into larger pots or trays as soon as you receive them.

Plug PlantsJumbo Plug Plants

Jumbo plug plants are generally raised from cuttings and are significantly larger than standard plug plants from the start. The varieties grown are quite different from normal 'plugs'. Generally grown for hanging baskets or containers, jumbo plugs are ready to be dropped into 9-10cm pots (or even their final destinations straight away).

Why grow from plug plants?

Plug plants allow gardeners the pleasure and satisfaction of nurturing successful crops with little of the frustration involved in growing from seed or cuttings. They grow into larger and stronger plants earlier in the season than would normally be the case, producing superior crops with minimal outlay and minimal waste - ideal for anything from vegetables to annuals.

Why buy your plug plants from us? Our guarantee.

We are totally confident in the superb quality of our plug plants. Each and every one is grown to order by experts in specialist nurseries to ensure they are in perfect condition when you receive them.

Order online and if you are collecting from one of our centres, only accept your order and pay if you are completely happy with the quality.