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Grow Your Own Plots Available To Rent

Would you like to grow your own fruit and vegetables?

Are you short of space?

If so, why not rent one of our 'Grow Your Own' plots or join up with some friends and rent one together?

Growing your own is healthy, rewarding, sociable and saves money. With a bit of work in the fresh air, you could be enjoying the fresh, local and absolutely delicious fruits of your labours within weeks.

Grow Your Own

Why Grow Your Own?

Local, fresh and grown as you choose - producing and eating your own fruit and vegetables are the star attractions of growing your own.

As well as being healthy and environmentally responsible (think of the food miles you will save), growing your own entails a host of other benefits such as exercise, fresh air, the social element that goes with allotment gardening, a gratifying sense of achievement and, of course, the cost savings.

What could be more satisfying than producing lunch that includes delicious home-grown salad leaves, tiny new potatoes with freshly chopped herbs, a bowl of sun-warm cherry tomatoes and then newly plucked strawberries? Or giving a friend a jar of home-made blackcurrant jelly or tucking into rhubarb crumble made with fruit picked from your own plot?

All this and more is just weeks away with one of our Grow Your Own plots. The secret to success lies in being organised and keeping on top of your gardening tasks. Gardening is not rocket science, but it does require a little basic knowledge. Whether you are a beginner or an expert gardener there is plenty of help and advice available, from us at the garden centre, from friends, neighbours and fellow gardeners and from the countless books and websites on allotment gardening. None of us were born knowing how to chit a potato or propagate a strawberry plant, so never be afraid to ask.

GYO Plots

The Detail

Each plot measures approximately 90m2 - it is therefore a manageable size but large enough to be really productive.

The soil is prepared by us and ready to go - and grow. All you need to do is decide what to grow, plant it and then watch, wait, weed and water.

All plots come with a composter and access to water.

All our sites are surrounded by secure rabbit proof fencing.

At every site you will have access to all the centre facilities (including toilets), as well as a convenient on-the-doorstep supply of seeds, plants, tools, sundries and everything else you could possibly need for your plot.

Help and advice is always available from our friendly and helpful staff, all of whom are horticultural experts who like nothing better than dispensing good practical advice to expert and amateur gardeners alike.

What to do next

If you are interested in renting a plot, please download and complete an application form and take it to your local garden centre.

Useful Links


Helpful Books

Allotment Month by Month
Alan Buckingham

RHS Vegetables in a Small Garden: Simple Steps to Success

RHS Allotment Handbook: The Expert Guide for Every Fruit and Veg Grower

The New Vegetable & Herb Expert
DG Hessayon

The Fruit Expert
DG Hessayon

A Couple of Ideas

Why not give someone a rented plot as a present? If you have friends who have downsized and are missing their garden, or would like to have a go at growing their own but do not have the space, what could be better? Or why not join up with a couple of friends to share the cost and the workload?

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