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Follow our step by step guide
to planting and caring for your plug plants

Ideally, your plug plants or jumbo plug plants should be potted on into larger pots or trays straight away. If not, keep them moist and in a cool, bright, well ventilated spot and turn regularly to avoid 'stretching'.
eg a sunny window sill.

step by step guide

Ensure the plug plants are moist. Fill a 9cm/1ltr pot with potting compost. Gently pinch the bottom of the plug and push up from the bottom with a dibber or pencil and transfer to the pot.

Jumbo plug plants can be planted straight away into a hanging basket or container
(see no.5).

step by step guide

Keep in a cool, well-lit area out of direct sunlight and avoid getting overly wet. A greenhouse or cool conservatory is ideal.Apply liquid fertiliser after 2 weeks.

step by step guide

Once the plants are potted, they will grow quickly. Pinch out any flower buds which form in the first 2 weeks. Spring and summer bedding varieties will require hardening off once all risk of frost has passed. To achieve this, move your plants outside to a sheltered position during the day - always bringing them in at night.

step by step guide

When all risk of frost has passed (if planting spring and summer varieties) and your plants are a reasonable size, they are ready to plant into hanging baskets and containers. Fill a container or basket with multipurpose compost mixed with a slow release fertiliser and water gel. Plant and enjoy!

step by step guide
step by step guide