Wyevale Garden Centres

Inside Syon House

In 1762, the current interior was commissioned to be designed by Robert Adam. It was based on a Roman Basilica, and Adam's aim was 'to create a palace of Graeco-Roman splendour'. Adam employed Joseph Rose to carry out the breath-taking decorative stucco work in the House and in this room the cool pale tones are only broken by the black and white marble flooring which echoes the ceiling pattern.

In dramatic contrast to the Great Hall, the Ante Room or Vestibule is one of Adam's most ingenious and original designs - a powerful evocation of Imperial Rome. It is richly decorated with a riot of coloured marble and the statues of gilded gods supported on antique green marble columns look down on the famous scagliola floor.

After a feast of colour in the Ante Room, the white and gold of the Dining Room has an almost cleansing effect and indeed a style that Adam copied from France. The vivid 'Drawing Room' room marks the fourth act of Adam's "spectacular" with Cipriani's incredible painted ceiling of 239 medallions. The walls are hung with crimson Spitalfields silk and make a rich backdrop for the sequence of oil paintings depicting the Stuart royal family.

Adam's true genius is revealed in this 136ft 'Long Gallery' room. Its original Jacobean wood panelling was replaced by delicate plasterwork and "finished in a style to afford variety and amusement" especially for the ladies. From the eleven windows there is a spectacular view over the last tidal water-meadow on the river Thames.

The Dining Room The Ante Room One of the many decorations in the house The Ante Room The Ante Room The Long Gallery From The Great Hall The Dining Room Royal artifacts The Green Drawing Room The Private Dining Room