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Tools for Change

We're working with The Conservation Foundation to make old and broken tools as good as new, through their HM prisoner Tools Shed workshops. Your reconditioned tools will then be given back to the community, creating everything from school veggie patches to public gardens.

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Tools for Change


Wyevale Garden Centre's Tools for Change campaign is working in partnership with The Conservation Foundation to give old and broken tools a new lease of life, through its Tools Shed workshops in Wandsworth, Dartmoor and Edinburgh Prisons.

All tools donated by customers and colleagues will be reconditioned and given free to schools and community groups, in a Starter Pack containing five to seven tools, at a Tool Giveaway Day – dates to be announced – at eight of our centres in early 2017. The participating centres are Heighley Gate, Bridgemere, Percy Thrower's, Woodlands, Syon Park, Cardiff, Old Barn and Endsleigh. It's a great way of using your old tools to bring the joy of the garden to more people by helping them create everything from school veggie patches to community gardens.

Would you like to receive tools?

If you're a school or community group, and would like to receive a tool Starter Pack, please apply to tools@conservationfoundation.co.uk, by email, giving the name of your school or group, address and contact details. Applicants will be invited to a Tool Giveaway Day on a first come, first served basis.

Unfortunately, we can't promise that making an application will guarantee an invitation, since this depends on the availability of tools. Please note also that while The Conservation Foundation does its best to ensure the tools are of a high standard, it can't guarantee they are fault-free.

About the Conservation Foundation

The Conservation Foundation was founded in 1982 by David Shreeve and David Bellamy to promote positive environmental news, awareness and action. It provides a way for people in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors to work together on environmental issues. Among its current projects are: The Great British Elm Experiment, Tools Shed – in association with HM prisons, Gardening Against The Odds, Wessex Watermarks, We Love Yew, Sharing Eden and Morus Londinium, a mulberry tree project for London.

The Conservation Foundation