Wyevale Garden Centres

Why join us?

We’re the biggest, best known and fastest-growing retailer in the gardening industry, with over 140 restaurants and coffee shops. If you want to learn lots of new things and spend time with great customers, we’d love to talk to you.

For our varied career paths

Because we’re one of the best known and fastest-growing garden centre companies in the industry, we’re really well placed to offer all kinds of varied career paths. So, whether you’re looking for the challenge of a new role, want to learn new skills, try a new location, or progress to bigger opportunities, we’d love to talk to you.

For our learning opportunities

We provide the support and opportunities you may need to develop and it’s up to you to make the most of these, but we’ll help you with lots of learning opportunities, both informal and formal, designed to help you develop inside of work – and outside too.

For the work

Working for us is all about passion, and we have lots of people who’re really passionate about what they do – plant buyers, latte artists, IT people, marketeers and gardening gurus. We love it when our people get creative, muck in and have fun. And, of course, we look for people who love retail, care about the products we sell and the communities we serve.

We encourage all of the people who work for us to take ownership and do everything necessary to create a stand-out experience for our customers.

For the flexibility

Ask our people what they get up to day-to-day, and they’ll all tell you how much they enjoy the variety, pace and challenge of working in one of our centres, restaurants or Head Office teams. But this flexibility isn’t just part of our working day – we understand that our people have lives, and want them to also enjoy their friends, families, hobbies and commitments outside of work.

To support you, we offer a range of contract types and flexible working arrangements, plus the option to top up with additional hours or take additional leave options to suit you.

For our working environment

Our centres offer beautiful surroundings full of stunning plants and colour and the pleasure of working in the fresh air.

Working with our customers is pretty interesting too. They love coming to visit their local centre to see our plants, do a little shopping and to visit our restaurants. For them, it’s a brilliant experience and you’ll play an essential role, adding to the pleasure of their day.