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The world's first, super-strong, durable, ultra-lightweight, expandable hose

Are you tired of twists? Knots not to your liking? Winding up getting weighty? Why not try the brand new best-selling expandable hose from High Street TV: The XHose.

This revolutionary new product is taking the gardening world by storm with its patented design which means that you simply turn the water on, and your hose expands to up to three times its length. When you're done, simply switch off the water and drain your hose and it will contract back to the original length. It never kinks or twists, and can be stored easily as it is light, compact and durable. If you're looking for a gift for a keen gardener, look no further than the XHose. It comes in four lengths with accessories to match.

  • 25ft X Hose £29.99
  • 50ft X Hose £49.99
  • 75ft X Hose £69.99
  • 100ft X Hose £89.99


  • Wall mountable holder £9.99 Simply hang your XHose holder over your outdoor tap and it is ready to store your hose. Also suitable for other hose brands.
  • Xhose can be fully integrated with fittings from leading hose manufacturers, such as Hozelock.
  • Water jet £19.99 Perfect for cleaning those areas out of reach. Allows you to control the spray and comes with two nozzles: fan spray or stream.